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When there is mention of reliable Plastic Molding Manufacturers, RSP Inc. features among the top of the list. If you are in need of excellent quality yet low cost custom plastic tooling, Injection Molded Plastic and Custom Plastic Injection Molding in China, we are the right company to approach.

Some Aspects That Set Us Apart From Our Competitors

QUALITY: We truly believe in the "customer is the king" philosophy. Our focus on ensuring that the customers get the best value for their money in the form of flawlessly finished products, has earned us appreciation time and again. We are an approved plastic supplier to GE and many other valued clients in the industry. Our products are guaranteed to offer excellent performance. We have employed US trained engineers to ensure best designs and adherence to quality standards.

SAVINGS: You can earn substantial savings from associating with us. This is because compared to US or Europe, it costs less to get the tooling done in China. When compared to prices in US / Europe, savings often amount to 25-50% or more. There is no minimum order quantity. Also, the finished products are bulk shipped to U.S so you can avail savings on freight costs too.

HIGH PRECISION INJECTION MOLDING: Some of the techniques applied to ensure top quality design include using face-mounted inserts, quick mold change systems, rheologically balanced runners, and CNC surface grinding.

  • Design / Engineering: You just need to provide a sample to our engineers in China & they will rebuild it for you. Two dimensional drawing can also be given. This is a free service provided with your tooling order.
  • Prototypes: The company ensures Quick turnaround alternatives for prototypes which are produced in China or in the domestic markets.
  • CNC: Slabs or bar stocks are used to produce CNC units & these can be use to machine different types of materials.
  • Mold Fabrication: Without compromising on the quality or accuracy, the mold can be built in China, from where it will be transferred to the production facility in U.S for local molding.
  • Molding: We are capable of providing low, medium, and high volume production at our ISO certified factory. The manufacturing costs are quite low.
  • Value Added: RSP offers a variety of services including membrane switches, rubber molding, PCB and more... We can supply you with multiple products, perform initial assembly steps, or integrate multiple products into a single partServices offered here include membrane switches, rubber molding, PCB and others... We can even provide multiple products or combine varied products to form a single part & also specialize in product assembly.
  • Software: We make use of software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, or Pro-E, etc. Our engineers have expertise in developing a model from a sketch or drawing.
  • Cost Saving Example: One of our clients previously bought off-the-shelf plastic enclosure & got it modified at extra costs for assembly at their facility. Their local supplier charged them $18,000 for 3 plastic pieces. With us, the same costs around $8,500.

Value Added Example: Another client ordered injection molded parts & incorporated several labels & membrane switch in the design at their Milwaukee facility. We provided them a single unit & eliminated the assembly time as much as 3-4 minutes per unit off the production line, thus availing them substantial savings in a year. If you have a plastic injection molding project, then contact us to get an idea about the total costs involved & the savings you can avail by associating with us.


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